The juice {our offerings}

At Feed Your Self, we encourage sustainable and healthy lifestyle habits through holistic wellness coaching.  We believe food is an expression of love and is meant to be enjoyed.  Getting back to the basics, and closer to the source, is the root of our practice.  Our goal is to simplify this crazy and polarized nutritional world, and it is our mission and our joy to inspire you to do the same.  We believe that a clean diet can awaken your intuition and allow you to access your very best self.  

one on one wellness

We understand that maintaining a healthy life balance can be challenging, especially when you are busy - juggling life, family, work, travel and whatever this crazy life throws at you!  And this is our reality, right!?  We are here to help you find a routine that works for your body, lifestyle and budget.

From weight loss to nagging skin issues, lagging energy to sleep deprivation - we will guide you to reduce inflammation, alleviate stress and uncover food intolerances to create sustainable balance.

You will learn to deconstruct your cravings, tap into intuition, discover healthy new foods to enjoy, and master some kitchen hacks that will simplify and streamline your routine.

Programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs, ranging from punch passes to sixth month coaching packages.  These include but are not limited to:

  • one on one coaching sessions

  • overview of your current habits, diet and lifestyle tendencies

  • goal setting and accountability roadmap

  • customized meal plans and shopping lists

  • email and/ or text support


Our Tribe: a six month journey

We were not "group" people until our paths aligned by the graces of participating in one.  It was here, that we learned first hand, the value of the female collective; the transformative power of unconditional support and loving accountability, the learning we gain through each others stories, and the sheer force of elevated collective consciousness.  If this intimidates or scares the $#\% out of you - then you should most definitely join us on this transformative journey.



Subject Specific Workshops

College Bound with Wellness: ...

Gluten Free Family: ...

Ditching Dairy for the Intolerant: ...

Living the Sweet Life Free of Sugar: ...

Connect with us to schedule a private or small group workshop.  Craving something you don't see here?  Order it up, and we can custom create!  

Farm to Kitchen Catering

Limited availability.  Please inquire directly.

Our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.
— sean covey