brands that make us buzz

This is where we share with you the brands that make us buzz… some of the things that brighten our days, ground our evenings, and ignite a little spark in our souls. We hope you find the same enjoyment…


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(spir•i•tu•al  en•tre•pre•neur) : One who aligns with and dedicates themselves to a life of purpose. Someone who creates products and services for the benefit of all beings. 

"SARA WARD malas are the most powerful, intentional and stunningly unique malas I have ever seen"

I concur, and was moved to tears when I first put mine on... it was magical, an energetic connection (shown left: I am an Ancient and Primal Creation). Sara spends most of her time between beach life in Honolulu, Hawaii and mountain living in Telluride, Colorado. She’s our kinda girl, and creates our kinda jewelry. Whether you’re a modern meditator or a fab fashionista, use code: FYS15 for 15% off your Mala at

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Scout & Cellar Clean Crafted Wine

When we choose to imbibe, we try to do so consciously, because as we have learned: all wines are not created equally. This is our go-to-shop for wines made with grapes that are grown naturally (no synthetic pesticides), sustainably (many are organic and/or biodynamic), with absolutely zero added sugars, colorants or chemicals. Now we’re talking. Shop here with our wine expert, Paula, from Aspen Colorado - you’re in good hands and in good taste!

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kailo organic chakra therapy: Pure. Natural. Organic. Therapeutic.

These luscious products are created consciously, using highly effective, completely natural, quality, organic ingredients. No chemicals, no fillers, no emulsifying agents. Think body care meets chakra therapy meets aroma therapy meets vibrational elevation. Yes. Please.

All products are made ceremonially in small batches, in beautiful Carbondale, Colorado, USA.