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Welcome To Feed your Self

where we believe in the power of food to awaken your soul.


Our Roots

We were brought together by a shared spiritual journey and a desire to heal at the deepest level from the inside out.  With a shared passion for health and food and a calling to "be the change", we locked arms and dove in.  Following intuition, instinct and universal signage, we have cultivated a powerful partnership where the whole is - without a doubt - greater than the sum of the parts. Bringing differing strengths, perspectives and dietary practices, we come together to share our joy, excitement and love of food.  We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all path to optimum health, and our mission is to help you find yours.    


the Juice {our Offerings}

Our intention is to meet you wherever you are today, and slowly guide you towards healthier habits and lifelong change.  Our approach is not extreme or rigid, we take this journey with you, side by side, and we strive to be your loving guide.  We offer one on one wellness coaching, subject specific workshops, a comprehensive group program cultivating support and community - and an occasional farm to kitchen catering experience.  We work with clients face to face, as well as from afar - connect with us wherever you are.  We look forward to meeting you there.


our belief

if there is one thing that can guide you to clarity, that can empower you to access your most conscious self, that can awaken your truth and intuition... 

Its real, clean, food.